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    In this age of national home centers like The Home Depot and Lowes, we sometimes think if it's available in the world it's available at these stores. But that's now how it works for topical seeds and plants. Sure, some varieties are available, but not thousands and certainly not the high-grade lineage available from horticultural specialists like The Banana Tree.

    Discovering and Selling Rare and Unusual Tropical Seeds and Plants Since 1945

    The Banana Tree has been in business since 1945. We are the recognized authority on tropical seeds and tropical plants. For over 50 years we have traveled the ends of the Earth to discover, procure, and sell rare tropical seeds and plants never before seen outside of the tropics themselves. In some cases, we've introduced plants between tropical territories. If you want something exciting, different, and often rare, The Banana Tree is the source for you.

    Tropical Seeds Require Special Care

    We all know tropical plants are different and can be a challenge to grow. Variables like heat, sun, soil, and nutrients play a bigger role due to the sensitive nature of the plants. Tropical seeds are just as sensitive, if not more so, than the plants themselves. When we think of seeds we think of something hard and durable. In a number of cases that's true for exotic plants too, but in the majority of cases the seeds or rhizomes are soft and fragile. If not kept under strict growing conditions, the seed will quickly die, causing frustration and preventing germination. The Banana Tree Nursery located domestically in Pennsylvania has over five decades of success in caring for tropical seeds. The Banana Tree Farms located throughout the tropics have the same experience doing the same for seed stock, rhizomes, and plants.

    Over 3000 Rare and Unusual Tropical Seeds and Plants, plus Growing Tips

    It doesn't matter if you're a hobbyist, commercial greenhouse, or reseller, The Banana Tree has exotic species of proven linage that are exciting, interesting, and coveted. Even if the variety isn't rare, our lineage is. Our high quality stock is available for sale directly from us to you. The selection is huge with favorites like:

    If you desire tropical seeds and plants we probably have it in our catalog of over 3000 items and we'll share our growing tips for the best success.

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