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  • How to Grow Banana Plants and Trees.

    The first priority to consider when growing banana is to use the proper soil. It is very important to use a well draining soil MIXTURE and 20% PERLITE should be added to it to assure that you have good draining soil. Do not use heavy soils when growing banana such as potting soil, or soil from a yard. Plant the banana rhizome upright and be sure the roots are well covered and the rhizome has about 1/2" of the base covered with soil.

    We advise that you water and fertilize banana at the same time using any type of balanced fertilizer to help grow banana. Bananas are heavy feeders so we suggest that you fertilize very lightly each time that you water with the exception being that you do not fertilize if you are not seeing active growth.( Balanced fertilizer means - a fertilizer that has three numbers on the label ). After your initial watering we would not water again until your soil is dry to a 1/2" depth. ( Use your finger to test it ). Please do not expect this to be a plant that you "water once a week". If you water once a week it is unlikely that you will have success growing this rhizome.

    Grow banana in BRIGHT LIGHT. 12 hours of bright light are ideal for most varieties.

    Grow bananas in Constant WARMTH is very important - the ideal night temperature would be 67 F. The day temperatures would be in the 80s. Ideally you would have fresh circulating air.

    BANANA RHIZOMES THAT WE SHIP weigh 5 to 8 ounces, sometimes more. They are rooted and ready to plant. The pseudostem ( trunk ) is usually 6" - 8" long. Prior to packing the Banana Rhizomes we cut off the leaves. This is a standard procedure. It would not be practical to attempt to box the plant with leaves intact because they would arrive damaged badly after being in a box for 4 to 8 days without light or any air and in the summer the leaves would be "cooked". Once planted it takes only 4 to 10 days for a large new leaf to emerge.

    Grow banana with HIGH HUMIDITY of 50% and higher is desirable. Hot, dry air will destroy the leaves.

    Grow bananas in THE CONTAINER that is not too large. It should be a standard 6" or 8" pot with a drain hole. Never plant it in a container without a drain hole. Transplant to a larger container when your plant is quite crowded .


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