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  • BANANA Musa - Basjoo - Japanese Fiber Banana
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  • BANANA Musa - Basjoo - Japanese Fiber Banana

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    Musa Basjoo is cold hardy to -20 degrees when mulched properly. It is the hardiest of all bananas. In warm weather months it can grow up to 2 feet in a week. Its mature height is 18' . It can flower and bear fruits at 10' or whenever it has 35 leaves. The bananas are not edible. This handsome broad leaved variety can be grown in almost every state since it can handle temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit if the ground is mulched properly in the very cold months. At 40 degrees it will stop actively growing and at 28 degrees the leaves will die back and the tree can be cut back to a 2 'or 3' height and covered to protect against a hard freeze.. It will grow back rapidly as the warmer season approaches. We ship rooted rhizomes without soil -l The leaves are removed when we pack for shipping. We suggest that you first plant them indoors and grow with considerable warmth until you see active growth. You can tranfer outdoors at a later time. We ship healthy rooted rhizomes. Accurate growing instructions are sent with each order.We ship all year. The musa basjoo Rhizomes are carefully packed for winter shipping to your address - but cannot be left outside all day - someone must be there to receive the package. NOT FOR EXPORT. Shipping charges are computed at the actual cost of shipping.
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