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  • How to Grow Heliconia

    They are sent bare root ( no soil ) and are encased in a plastic bag with a moist tissue so they do not dry out. Plant in a soil mixture that is well draining - not in potting soil or any other type of heavy soil.

    The rhizomes should be covered with 3" of well drained soil and given a thorough watering. We suggest that you not water again until the soil is nearly dry for 2" - if they are kept too wet there is a good chance that they will rot.

    After planting it is normal for the outter tissues of the pseudostem to discolor and begin to deteriorate because the new growth will usually emerge from the underground rhizome and the stalk that is above ground may simply rot away.

    The temperature must be warm at all times - not less than 68 degrees. Being truly tropical they require bright light at all times. Fertilize lightly only during periods of active growth. Do not fertilize if growth is stagnant.

    There is an excellent book on Heliconia currently available in our Books section.

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