The Banana Tree

The Banana Tree was founded in 1974. We printed a catalog each year featuring seeds and plants that were mostly tropical, and we offered some traditional seeds that could be grown in temperate zones, although there have been many changes since those early years we have found the demand for tropical seeds and plants to have grown in enormous demand. More people are growing "Something different," and more growers in cooler zones are growing tropicals in a heated greenhouse or are growing in-home with the addition of high-intensity lighting. Today we continue offering products that are mostly tropical and have made it a point to add new items throughout the year of seeds that are usually quite uncommon. Our customers range from a first-time grower - to a hobbyist, or collector of uncommon plants - to a large commercial nursery or to anyone that loves plants, We have placed emphasis on offering the best possible prices, and we are generous in the amount of seed that is contained in our small packets. We hope that that you will find us to be a supplier that you can rely on.