Our company specializes in tropical plants, seeds and bulbs.  Since 1960 we have placed emphasis on plants that have merit because they may be rare or uncommon. We have also experienced the dramatic demand for tropical plants as consumers have become exposed to more information via the internet and more people travel than in prior years.

More growers that live in temperate zones are now growing indoors with the aid of new lighting systems that provide the heat and light that will help create tropical growing conditions. Greenhouse growers have now expanded their offerings and we may see banana plants sold along with traditional African violets. Gone are the days of "waiting for springtime to be able to grow" . Today's plant lovers are a different breed. They grow all year indoors under lights and do not hesitate to try something different. Many more varieties of plants are now being grown and the plants are now seen for sale at much larger sizes than in previous years.

Plant lovers in cold regions as in Michigan now grow plants indoors that they would never before have considered. Often starting slowly with some of the less demanding tropicals such as Pony Tail Palm, Bird of Paradise, Dwarf Pomegranate and Vietnamese Pepper. After having success with these there may be the challenge to try a different level of plants to grow which may include the Sacred Water Lily (in water), Jacaranda (a fast growing tree that produces purple flowers), Cinnamomum Camphora for handsome foliage with great aroma, Cashew, Annona Squamosa, Allspice, Bael fruit and Sago Palm which is the oldest known form of plant life dating to the Mesozoic era. The Baobob is an African tree with a large swollen trunk and handsome foliage. Papaya plants are grown for their unique foliage and production of a large tropical fruit.

For the past 25 years coffee seeds have remained as the most popular item. Fresh seeds are normally harvested in November. With warmth and bright light a plant can produce red coffee berries within 3 years or when at the height of 3'.

New items are added to our website throughout the year. We hope you will allow us to serve you.